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Cox Events Group

Calendar of Events




         January 30-February 1    15th Annual Zora Neal Hurston Festival 

            January 30-February 1    29th Annual Mt. Dora Arts Festival

            February 14, 21, & 28    WMMO Downtown Concert Series

            February 12                  WHTQ Rock 'N' Racing Concert

            February 29                  Star 94.5 6th Annual Festival of R&B

            April 3-4                      16th Annual Spring Fiesta in the Park

            April 18                       Fiesta Medina

            April 18                       Motor-Fest

            April 30                       Star 94.5 9th Anniversary Celebration

            May 29 & 30                 31st Annual Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival

            July 4                          26th Annual Picnic in the Park at Lake Eola

            July 4                          WHTQ Celebration of Freedom

            July 4                          Kissimmee Old Fashioned 4th of July

            September 17-19          7th Annual HomeFest

            October 24                  6th Annual Festival Calle Orange

            November 6-7              33rd Annual Fall Fiesta in the Park